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As well as many other events, we are delighted to host the very exciting Bloomsbury Sets on the last Friday of every month, as part of our commitment to promoting the highest quality live music and arts based entertainment.

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FRIDAY MARCH 27th 2020
Track Dogs

“The antidote to a bad day”
Maverick, UK ****

“…genre-busting acoustic music built around folk, Americana and bluegrass”

RNR, magazine July 2018, UK

“…based in Madrid and with instruments that include cajon, banjo, ukulele, mandolin and trumpet and, rather obviously Spanish guitar, the quartet serve up a south of the border fiesta exuberance that defies you not to stomp the heels and play air castanets….the groove is most definitely on.”
Fatea Magazine, UK

“There’s a rare combination of four great players who also have superb voices, creating stunning individual vocal performances and the almost inevitable perfect harmonies…The playing is outstanding, the harmonies are superb and it’s joyful throughout; just give it a listen.”
Music Riot, June 2018, UK

“…a delicious Ameri-Latino mix with – for lovers – the following recipe: one quarter Americana, two parts Latino, a hefty dash of strings…Let the summer erupt. The Track Dogs are in, let the summer begin! Feelgood festival music!”
Keys and Chords, BELGIUM

“Track Dogs grab the listeners by the collars. The dance floor beckons and must be entered. The same floor is on fire within thirty seconds…Track Dogs open the album Kansas City Out Groove overwhelmingly.” Real Roots Café, NETHERLANDS

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