Feel Great at Bloomsburys


In addition to the many treatments available from the Spa at Bloomsburys, additional therapists can be booked for onsite therapies.

Call Us On: 01580 292 992

Email: info@glampingkent.com


Mark SlayMaker

Mark offers Raynor deep tissue full body massage, including hands neck and feet. This therapeutic massage will help to release deeply held energy which, in turn will make you feel lighter and more energetic.

Email: mark@littleworldherbs.co.uk
Tel: 01233 860 633
Web: www.littleworldherbs.co.uk

Lucy Vertue

Specialist in craniosacral therapy, food intolerance testing and herbalism. Lucy is also offering guided workshops designed to help connect people to the medicinal powers of plants found all around us. Her Herb Workshops have been a fantastic success, particularly amongst those Glamping.

Email: lucy@littleworldherbs.co.uk
Tel: 01233 860 633
Web: www.littleworldherbs.co.uk

Sam Dawson

Sam’s eclectic Yoga draws on a variety of yoga styles to nourish you physically, mentally and emotionally. Sam offers weekly yoga classes at Bloomsbury’s consisting of posture work, work with the breath, relaxation and meditation, all interwoven with yoga philosophy to inspire empowerment and self-confidence. You can also book Sam for besoke group yoga sessions.

Email: sam@samyoga.co.uk
Tel: 07947 374 036
Web: www.samyoga.co.uk

Ben Barnett

Developed over 23 years, drawing on his experience of holistic practice, teaching advanced massage, leading transformational seminars and representing GB as an amateur Footballer, Ben Barnett has brought his philosophy, Environment Centred Living and signature treatment Hydrotherm 3D massage to Bloomsburys.

Combining, 3D massage on the Hydrotherm warm waterbed and bespoke guided visualisation, Ben helps your body unwind, your mind detach and naturally focus and your emotions settle, all to have you feel great and get the best out of you in any circumstance.

Email: hello@benbarnett.co.uk
Tel: 07891 339 943
Web: www.benbarnett.co.uk

Karen Porter

An experienced professional, Karen offers a variety of life enhancing therapies including NLP, life coaching and team building. Body & Health By Design inspires change and adds value to people’s lives and businesses through mindset, health and wellness. By finding the right goals and having aspirations, whatever they may be, anyone can focus on their path to ultimate success and happiness.

Email: karen@bodyandhealthbydesign.com
Tel: 07930 425 694
Web: www.bodyandhealthbydesign.com