Eat Well at Bloomsburys

The Garden Eatery

one cannot think well. love well, or sleep well i f one has not dined well”

Virginia Woolf, member of the bloomsburys group

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Escape the Everyday

An imaginarium of tastes and styles; as soon you step inside the Garden Eatery at Bloomburys you’ll feel lifted, relaxed and at home. It is a place where anything feels possible as the stresses of the outside world drift away.

Whether it’s a stolen hour to meet friends for coffee and cake or a sumptuous, lazy lunch, our intention is to draw you in so you will feel welcome as part of the Bloomsburys extended family in the future.


The setting reflects our passion for food and the cornerstone of our beliefs;

Sourcing ethical, high quality, local ingredients to create simple, delicious and inspirational dishes.

Cooking with an alchemy of love and experimentation, many of the products we use are organic and some are even home grown during summer.

With more than a nod to plant based foods, our menus place equal importance on the vegetarian and vegan dishes from our seasonal repertoire with an overall focus on well being and sustainability. We have a strong commitment to reduction of food miles and generic, processed products.

Restaurant Interior Lighting
Leather Armchairs at Bloomsburys


We’re passionate about the environment, up-cylcing and repurposing almost every item you’ll sit on or see! From the poems written for us through to the sentimental memorabilia which has found its way into the fabric of this ever changing space, the interior is a living, breathing form, bought to life by you our lovely customers.

The seating is designed for a spacious, relaxed yet intimate experience. Between each table, a relaxing vibe is created with club and smoking arm chairs and coffee tables next to the fire. Choose between a light and airy table in the bar terrace or a more intimate table setting in the live lounge. There’s a table and setting to embrace every mood!

Garden Terrace at Bloomsburys

Bloomsburys Gardens

The outside garden terrace is the only choice on those short-lived, hot, sun-soaked days. The doors of the bar terrace all fold open to bring the garden inside, however the garden terrace is the perfect sun trap to enjoy your food and drinks to the full. You’ll often find our regular guests sitting well into the Autumn days to lengthen the joy of eating and doing outside in England.

The views and strolls from the terrace are inspirational, with mature planted flowers beds brimming with a mix of cottage perennials, herbal wonders and architectural specimens.

Christmas Tree and Lights

Valentines High Tea

Celebrate this special day with a glass of Champagne and our Valentines High Tea. 13th – 17th February Open 9am – 4pm. 13th – 17th February Open 9am – 4pm.

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High Tea



Buffets & Bowls


Biddenden Ortega Wine

Wine List

We take great pride in sourcing and stocking only the best quality and best value wines, including the magnificent world renowned award winning Biddenden wines, grown only half a mile away.


We have clients who tell us they will drive a fair few miles for one of our coffees and we pride ourselves on using the highest quality of bean and roasting technique. All our coffee comes from Kent and Sussex tea company (for our daily brew we use a columbian bean) and our bar staff are trained baristas.

Turmeric Latte at Bloomsburys

We offer all drinks with alternative milks such as oat or soya. Our turmeric lattes are legendary! The carefully blended spices of turmeric, cinnamon and a grind of black pepper to ignite the health benefits are fused together with a teaspoon of agave syrup and hot creamy oat milk stirred through the drink until your glass is full. For non vegans we add a smidge of bees pollen and for vegans a shake of cinnamon dust is the order of the day.

Spirulina and cloudy apple juice health shots are a great way of keeping healthy and invigorated before or after one of the pilates, yoga or dance sessions held in the dance studios on site.

Spirulina Drink

For the morning after a night here on the bloomsburys dance floor nothing beats a Bloody Mary though!!

Bloody Mary
“Food can bring people together in a way nothing else could”


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