Glamping at Bloomsburys

Tipi or Not TeePee

A stay in a Bloomsburys Tipi is like a trip to a far away land – but with the added luxury of Hot Tubs, Sauna and a huge selection of onsite facilities and activities.

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Sleep Well

Join our tribe

The word Tipi (also spelled Teepee) comes from the Lakota language thípi which means ‘They Dwell.’

Tipi stays at Bloomsburys Biddenden are guaranteed to make you want to dwell a little bit longer.

The romance of these dwellings is matched by their construction and comfort. A design that is not only traditional to indigenous tribes from the Northern Americas, but also to the Northern Europeans too. The Sámi people used a very similar design for their lavvu tents as well as their goahtis.

And they knew a thing or two as these designs help keep you warm in winter and cool in summer. What better way is there to enjoy the Kent countryside than a few days under these canvas icons.

Dine in comfort

Cooking with friends in the open air is really something special. Whether it be a traditional BBQ, a hearty casserole or wine and cheese, food definitely tastes better outdoors.

Every pitch at Bloomsburys has a covered kitchen and dining area where you can enjoy time cooking and eating together, whilst being sheltered from the elements.

Drinking water, cooking facilities and a fridge enable you to be fully self-contained.

If you want to spoil yourself however, we are always on hand to provide meals for you, either in the onsite Garden Eatery Restaurant or delivered to your accommodation.

Gather round the fire 

No night in the open air is complete without an open fire. At Bloomsburys, our fire pits are perfect for cosying up with a loved one and a blanket, or gathering round as a group to tell stories, sing songs and generally escape the everyday.

Who needs the internet or Netflix when you have an open fire to watch and warm by?

Our favourite fire side evenings are spent with a good poetry book, a guitar or two and some hot chocolate. If there’s a tot or two of brandy in there too then so much the better.

How will you spend your fireside evenings?

The Power of The Sun

The luxury of our unrivalled solar powered toilet and shower facilities with underfloor heating, hot tubs, saunas and the many luxuries you can book ensure you will never want to return to traditional camping again!

Yurts – Tipis – Safari Lodges


Glamping Yurt at Bloomsburys, Kent

Wild Rose Retreat

Fancy a stay in a log cabin. Wild Rose Retreat offers the ultimate break in complete comfort and luxury.

Treat someone you love.

Glamping Tepee

Yurt Life

A night or three in a Yurt will recharge your soul and take you to another realm of comfort. Our flexible accommodation means you can share it with friends, or someone special.

Glamping Safari Lodge

Tipi Stays

Take a trip to an ancient land in our traditional Tipis. These fabulous structures offer warmth, comfort and luxury and an unrivalled break in the beautiful Kent countryside.


Camp fire at Bloomsburys Glampsite in Kent
View from Safari Lodge
Interior of Yurt at Bloomsburys
Toilet block at Bloomsburys Gampsite
Safari Lodge and Kitchen
Luxury Glamping Yurt Interior
Glamping Hot Tubs
Grounds and Gardens at Bloomsburys
Facilities & Activities

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Sissinghurst Castle and Gardens in Kent

Sissinghurst Castle

Our location is ideally situated close to the inspirational beauty of Sissinghurst castle, click the button below to see the map of a wonderful walk or bike ride there from Bloomsburys Biddenden.

“It is in our dreams that the truth sometimes comes to the top”

Virginia Woolf

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