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Biddenden Family Chiropractic is a family run chiropractic practice established in 2017 by local Chiropractor Rebecca Oliver and her Belgian husband Tom Claykens. Having met at the prestigious Anglo-European College of Chiropractic in Bournemouth where they both studied for 4 years.

Following graduation, they moved to The Netherlands to start their Chiropractic career and further their knowledge in specialist areas. Tom is recognised for his specialise expertise in Functional Neurology and continues to learn and now educate fellow chiropractors from around the world. Becky’s passion is the care and wellbeing of pregnant women, babies and children. She frequently attends post-graduate seminars to ensure she is providing high quality Paediatric Chiropractic care.

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After six years of experience and further training they returned home and set up their dream practice in Biddenden, a village very close to their heart as Becky grew up there.

Biddenden Family Chiropractic offers a wide range of treatments including; chiropractic manipulation, K-Laser therapy, massage therapy, dry needling, dry cupping and functional neurology.

Tom is not only a Chiropractor but Exercise Scientist, Functional Neurologist and dedicated CrossFit trainer offering personalised treatment plans to help you recover quickly from your aches and pains. As 1 of only 14 Chiropractic neurologists in the country, Tom helps patients alleviate complaints such as dizziness, headaches and concussion, with patients travelling far and wide for his expertise.

Biddenden Family Chiropractic

Becky Oliver is a qualified Paediatric Chiropractor and specialises in the treatment of pregnant women, babies and children suffering with spinal pain and pelvic restrictions. As a mother of three Becky is very passionate to meet the needs of her patients and regularly attends post-graduate seminars to ensure she does.

Rebecca Wissman, our resident Massage Therapist qualified at the prestigious Axelsons Gymnastic Institute in Sweden. Her expertise lies in treating muscular injuries and soft tissue pain, caused by myofascial dysfunction. She gained her experience working onboard luxury yachts, ski resorts and in high-end wellbeing spas.

Common conditions we treat include; headaches, migraines, stiff necks, upper and lower back pain, sciatica, knee complaints, shoulder pain, muscle strains, ligament damage, foot and heel pain, tennis or golfer’s elbow, muscle spasms, cramp and many other forms of musculoskeletal disorder.

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